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You offer opportunities and Mundukide turns them into reality. Thanks


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  • Bizum: 00989 (From your mobile phone)
  • Bank transfer: (On-line or from an office)

Your contribution has tax benefits Donations made to MUNDUKIDE Fundazioa allow deduction of Personal Income Tax (IRPF). These allowances vary depending on the provincial estate in which they are taxed and can be modified from one year to another. In general, these deductions are a minimum of 20% of the contribution and can reach 80% in some cases. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 943 77 20 10 or .

85 %
8 % Administration 3 % Fundraising 4 % Communication

85 % of our funds go to development projects. We are very rigorous about how our funds are used, closely tracking them from start to finish. More information

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