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Cookie policy

1. What are cookies

Cookies are text files that are essential to the functioning of the Internet. They cannot damage your equipment or device. By allowing cookies with the right setting in your Internet browser, you can help us identify and solve problems in the use of our website. Cookies enable us to learn about your activity on our website and check its adequate functioning.

The cookies used in our website cannot access hard disk information or extract personal data.

In compliance with the regulations in force, MUNDUKIDE Fundazioa requests your permission for the use of cookies. If you do not want to allow cookies, please set your Internet browser to disable the installation and/or use of cookies in your equipment. Please notice that disabling cookies might result in website malfunction.

2. What cookies are used on this website

This website uses the following first-party cookies:

  • _icl_current_language:It stores a language value for the website.
  • cookie_notice_accepted: It indicates the user agrees to the cookie policy.

This website uses the following third-party cookies:

  • Google Analytics: It stores cookies for statistical purposes on website traffic and visits.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: Protection against SPAM.

3. How are cookies enabled or disabled on your web browser

You can enable or disable the cookies used on this website at any time. Just follow the instructions for your browser.

Below you will find the official support pages for the most popular web browsers, so that you can enable or disable cookies in your equipment or device.

Using your browser settings, you can block cookies or ask your browser to tell you when a site is trying to store a cookie.

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