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The strongest "wave of solidarity"

In the eve of the International Day of Poverty, the wave of solidarity generated by 500 people in the Urkulu swamp has been the strongest in recent years.




We work in Mozambique to increase the ability of the local population to generate income which contributes to equitable and sustainable development, enabling people to be autonomous and self-sufficient. To…

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Euskal Herria

The way in which we carry out our activity implies a revitalization of cooperative values, Mundukide’s hallmarks. For this reason, we approach our projects in the key of responsible solidarity,…

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Inspired by our experience in Mozambique, our goal in Ethiopia is to implement a socio-economic development programme in a broad region. To improve agricultural production and productivity of farming families…

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In 2019 Mundukide returned to Ecuador, identifying local partner entities and associations on the northern border of Ecuador, primarily in the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi. To promote sustainable socio-economic…

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To better the quality of life of women farmers and recycling workers in the city of Pasto and to improve their technical, political and resilience capacities through a comprehensive strategy…

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Our main role in Brazil is to help catalyse socio-economic development among settled and camped families belonging to the Landless Workers’ Movement, providing management training for key local stakeholders to…

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About us

Cooperativism is not only a way of doing things: it is also a way of understanding the world, more just and supportive. Those are the values with which we work, training and providing transformation tools to thousands of people in developing countries.

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Share the experience. Share knowledge. A wheel that must not stop turning, to contribute to the socio-economic development of the towns and communities with which we collaborate.

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We empower people to change the world.

Through cooperativism, they themselves promote the socio-economic development of the area.

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Basque Country

Here is born the seed of transformation that represents cooperativism

Raising awareness and involving society in Euskal Herria translates into growth and progress for the communities in developing countries with which we collaborate. From the workplace, the educational, from the personal sphere: all together, because if the communities with which we collaborate grow, we also grow.

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30 December 2022


Urtea Ukrainaren inbasio errusiarrak markatu du. Orain bonbardaketak, heriotzak eta errefuxiatuak Europan daude eta horregatik jasotzen dugu informazioa egunero. Hori bai, zoritxarrez, Ukrainakoa ez da munduko gerra bakarra.   Mozambiken, islamiar matxinadak, Cabo Delgado gure jarduera murriztera behartu gaitu; hala…

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