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Sharing expertise and know-how.

At Mundukide, we believe our cooperative work contributes to the socio-economic development of the communities we work with and to spread the cooperative philosophy, particularly regarding intercooperation (cooperatives working together), social transformation and universality. There have been and continue to be numerous cooperatives and other types of companies with solidarity embedded in their DNA. Many of them place their human and economic resources at the disposal of Mundukide to actively participate in Mundukide’s cooperation programmes in countries of the global South. To encourage solidarity, we promote development co-operation among the different stakeholders that make up the MONDRAGON cooperative experience. We are Mundukide!

With solidarity in mind, we encourage all the members of the MONDRAGON cooperative to participate in our development cooperation projects.

We help to create intercooperation networks and relationships that improve the quality of the programmes by involving people and organisations that offer a variety of skills and expertise.

We also seek to raise awareness among the Mondragón co-op community about the situation in the developing countries and involve members in our projects to make them more genuinely ‘cooperative’.

We share experiences and viewpoints, develop and deepen relationships, coordinate and complement each other’s work, and take advantage of synergies. Through this collaborative effort, we try to give a more cooperative meaning to our projects.

Intercooperation can be achieved by:

  • Joining Mundukide intercooperation projects and programmes on an occasional or one-off basis as a consultant, trainer, technical advisor, or in a more sustained way by becoming a volunteer or group leader. We also organise exchanges and visits to other programmes and organisations.
  • Participating in the different Mundukide associations and activities.
  • Sponsoring or funding activities.
  • Doing work practice/internships, end-of-degree or research projects with Mundukide.
  • Joining publicity and awareness campaigns.


Cooperatives were the driving force behind Mundukide and they still contribute by supporting Mundukide with funding, communications and personnel.


Volunteers work in all areas of Mundukide, bringing their experience to a range of inter-cooperation projects both on the ground as well as at the headquarters in Mondragón.

Development NGOs

Our collaborative work with several Development NGOs has allowed us to join forces to advance solidarity in the poorest countries, with some very positive results.


Mondragón University

Mondragón University’s Lanki Institute of Cooperative Research, in conjunction with Mundukide, designed and developed the Inter-Cooperation System. Mondragón University also shares research, training and other resources.

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