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7.Social transformation

“The world was not given to us to contemplate, but to change.” José María Arizmendiarrieta, founder of the Mondragón Corporation.

With this motto as a roadmap, our objectives are based on creating wealth at the service of people’s well-being and democratising the corporation and its social function. Through these tools, we want to bring community development to the places where we work.

To this end, we have launched GEHIKOOP – Education for Intercooperative Social Transformation. The aim of this pilot project is to broaden the impact of social transformation beyond our own environment. Working in a collaborative environment, we learn about models of social transformation in other countries and work with them to seek common solutions.

The project has two main lines of work:

  1. Cooperative area: aimed at people from cooperatives with a long history in the field of social transformation and who are sensitive to the subject. Cooperatives participate in this line of work: Fagor, Ederlan, Copreci, Maier.
  2. Educational field: the objective of this line is to create and disseminate resources for the development of a caring person, with a critical local-global and entrepreneurial perspective. For this we are collaborating with Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Arizmendi Ikastola.


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