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Corporate partnerships

Mundukide’s cooperation reaches its broadest and most constructive sense when there is commitment from the business community, while at the same time furthering cooperative principles such as social transformation and universality.

There have been and continue to be numerous cooperatives and other types of companies with solidarity embedded in their DNA. Many of them place their human and economic resources at the disposal of Mundukide to actively participate in Mundukide’s cooperation programmes in countries of the global South.

When it comes to working together, we try to share experiences and insights, create and strengthen relationships, work collaboratively, combine efforts and create synergies.

There are different ways in which Mundukide joins forces with other entities:

  • Occasional or one-off collaborations, such as consultant, trainer, technical advisor, etc.
  • Sustained collaborations, by being a volunteer, group leader, etc.
  • Visits and exchanges with other programmes and/or organisations.
  • Participating in the Basque Country in the different Mundukide activities and organisations.
  • Sponsoring or funding activities.
  • Joining publicity and awareness campaigns.

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