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In 2019 Mundukide returned to Ecuador, identifying local partner entities and associations on the northern border of Ecuador, primarily in the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi.

Mundukide's work focuses on strengthening the organisational muscle of agricultural initiatives with a view to social transformation. It is also coordinating a diagnostic and planning process with the Wiñak cooperative of the indigenous Kichwa association aimed at strengthening its organisational and business capacity.

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The first milestone of this return to Ecuador was a solidarity trip organised in 2019 by Mundukide-Laboral Kutxa, with support from the local organisation Fundación Alejandro Labaka. Eleven young Basque men and women and three indigenous Ecuadorians spent three weeks living with the Kichwa and Waorani peoples of the province of Orellana.

This solidarity trip allowed the young people to gain a deeper appreciation for the unparalleled coexistence between the Amazon's natural and cultural wealth ('green gold') and the pollution caused by oil operations ('black gold'). They also learned about the experience of the indigenous cooperative Wiñak, which markets guava, bananas and cocoa, and which was supported by Mundukide in its early years (2002-2006).


  • Capital: Quito
  • Language: Spanish
  • Area: 256.370 km²
  • Population: 17.475.570 hab.

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