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What we do

1.Cooperative advice

If there’s one thing we know about in our area, it’s how to start up a cooperative. Through cooperatives, the people in the local communities where we operate boost the area’s socio-economic development.

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2.Training people

We train people so they can change their world. Therefore, training is the cornerstone of Mundukide’s projects. People learn at school, but they also learn at work, in the family and from the community.

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3.Agricultural development

Training, advice, financing and support for the creation of new agricultural activities and infrastructure.

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4.Technical assistance

There is no better experience than shared experience. Our role is to develop a management model that can simplify and improve the operations of associations and cooperatives across all areas, from production to marketing.

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Sharing experience, sharing knowledge: these are the gears that need to keep spinning to enhance the socio-economic development of the peoples and communities we work with.

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6. Gender equality

At Mundukide, we firmly believe in gender equality as a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development and well-being of our communities. Aware of the challenges and persistent inequalities that women face in different areas, we are pleased to present the…

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7.Social transformation

“The world was not given to us to contemplate, but to change.” José María Arizmendiarrieta, founder of the Mondragón Corporation.

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8.Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to the environment is a cross-cutting theme in all areas of our work.

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How we work

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Identifying needs

We examine the region’s organisations, social entities, public institutions, etc., and study their needs, interests and possible contributions to any potential involvement.

Making proposals

We select our projects depending on local conditions, benefits, and the potential to meet objectives. And above all, we choose plans that the local community will be receptive to and become involved in.

Putting plans into practice

Based on a four-year strategic plan, annual plans are drawn up, with activities led by a team of partner organisations.

Evaluating results

The programme is supervised on an on-going basis to ensure aims and timelines are being met, and if necessary, plans are revised and modified to optimise results.

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