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We work in Mozambique to increase the ability of the local population to generate income which contributes to equitable and sustainable development, enabling people to be autonomous and self-sufficient.

To increase the capacity of the local population in the Lichinga-Pemba corridor to generate income that contributes to equitable and sustainable development, enabling people to be autonomous, resilient and self-suffi cient.

“There are wars in Africa that people don’t want the world to know about, but the people who endure them go through the same suffering as the ones that are shown in the media. As a result of the armed confl ict in the province of Cabo Delgado, we are accompanying displaced people who fl ee their homes and come to Mundukide to start a farming activity that allows them to restart the lives of entire families. Despite this emerging work, Mundukide’s priority mission remains to accompany 50,000 people in 10 districts in northern Mozambique to increase agricultural production and marketing”.

María Olivera Martín, (Aid worker in Cabo Delgado)

“I am very grateful to Mundukide for selling me the soya seed at a normal price, teaching me the sowing technique and fi nding a market at a good price. With the proceeds I built a house with a metal roof and sent my son to university. Next year I will increase the production area of soybeans, sesame and boer beans”.

Enelesse Devisone, (Niassa farmer)

“We want to consolidate the growth of the programme in the province of Niassa. To develop and consolidate methodologies that contribute to increasing the impact of the programme. Moreover, bring facility access to inputs, materials and equipment necessary for the application of the promoted techniques/crops. Additionally, make access to the market for the sale of the surplus."

Adrian Lamas Montes, Progam manager in Africa

  • 58k

    57,998 people benefited from our program in Mozambique, 51% of whom were women.

  • 6M

    More than 15,000 hectares under cultivation with an estimated value of more than 6 million euros.

  • +750

    752 new irrigation systems were installed to irrigate 618 hectares.

  • 199

    Technical assistance with 199 instructors, 31 of whom were women.

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The documentary recorded by Oscar Epelde and edited with the collaboration of Iban del Campo tells us the stories of the people who participate in the Mozambique program.
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From Mundukide Fundazioa we began to collaborate in Mozambique, in the district of Marrupa, since 2002, with the objective of supporting the socio-economic development of the rural population.

In this period we identified the agricultural sector as one of those that could have the greatest impact on the improvement of the living conditions of the rural population and gradually the program was centered on agricultural development.

The long-term socio-economic development program seeks to contribute to overcoming the situation of widespread and deep poverty experienced by the rural population, which is surviving on average annual income of just 200 euros per year per family. Without potable water, with limited access to electricity, and serious deficiencies in nutrition and health.

Since we began our work, a very good collaborative environment has been generated both with peasants and local authorities and associations, with which in many cases we have gone hand in hand. Both the strategy and the methodology developed have the potential to help tens of thousands of peasants.

The program has been evolving, adapting to circumstances, and being constantly evaluated and analyzed. The results of all this work have been very positive:

  • Very important annual increments of participants.
    Transmission of techniques and knowledge to local communities.
    More cultivated areas.
    Extension of the production season by 4 to 8 months thanks to water systems.
    Most products sold: sesame, tomato, gandul, col, mungo, onion, alubia, lechuga...
    Organization of distribution systems for marketing.
    Increase in income for peasant families.
    Prioritizing the active participation of rural women to improve their income.
    Better distribution of workload and income throughout the year.
    Important drop in cases of acute child malnutrition (43% between 2006 and 2013 in the district of Marrupa).
    More complete diets for the rural population, thanks to the incorporation of fresh vegetables and legumes such as alubia.

In recent years, the program has collaborated with peasants in a range of productive options through an innovative methodology that encompasses the entire value chain, from the identification of opportunities to commercialization through production, with the support of peasant technical assistance to peasants and facilitating access to inputs. And the commitment of the program to work in a coordinated way with the government, and to bet on uniting forces, has helped to multiply positive results.


  • Capital: Maputo
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Area: 7.993.801 km²
  • Population: 27.909.798 hab.

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