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To better the quality of life of women farmers and recycling workers in the city of Pasto and to improve their technical, political and resilience capacities through a comprehensive strategy of training, technical assistance and networking. This is our overall objective in Colombia, through collaboration with local entities and associations.

Recycling workers are a vulnerable population subject to social stigma and poor working and living conditions. Although their contribution to the community and the environment is considerable, their political impact is limited.

Together with Mundukide, we have been working for a year to bring all recycling workers together in a single group. We protect and defend our work by learning, sharing and leveraging the knowledge of each leader and recycler.

Lina Rojas, Public recycler of the Municipality of Pasto

  • 655

    655 beneficiaries

  • 6

    6 cooperatives assisted, 211 members, 77% women

  • 74%

    715 people trained, 74% women

  • 2nd

    2nd level cooperative created by uniting 4 associations

Data from 2019. If you need more information, you can access reports and publications

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Presentation of the program in Colombia by Asier Elorza. The project accompanies in its process of political-organizational and socio-economic strengthening the group of recyclers, 655 (119 men and 456 women), and their respective associations and cooperatives that work in the city of Pasto (Department of Nariño, Colombia) .
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The recycling workers project includes three well-defined lines of work:

  • Training in political, regulatory and technical skills to adapt to the new Colombian legal situation governing the management and use of solid urban waste.
  • Technical assistance and training for members and workers of the cooperative COEMPRENDER.
  • Coordinate recycling workers politically through networks so they can function as a cohesive group able to influence public and private actors with decision-making powers in the area of urban solid waste use and management, and raise public awareness on the culture of recycling.


Another project under way in Colombia, in conjunction with the AGROMINDALAE Association, aims to improve the situation of women farmers by improving the quality and marketing of agro-ecological products.

Some of Colombia's leading restaurants are now choosing to use traditional Andean ingredients that had all but disappeared. These products were grown using a system of farming called chagra. The recent demand has led to the revival of this type of agriculture. To ensure sales, the crops must be of the highest quality and it is essential to know where and how to market them.

Mundukide provides training and technical assistance in agro-ecological production to women who grow crops of this type. We also promote networks that connect farmers with the restaurants that demand their products.


  • Capital: Bogota
  • Language: Spanish
  • Area: 1.142.748 km²
  • Population: 50.372.424 hab.

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