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Living example of the power of cooperation

26 April 2024

In the remote provinces of Niassa and Cabo Delgado, in Mozambique, an innovative agricultural project is changing lives. With a focus on improving agricultural techniques and promoting more profitable crops, this project is raising the living standards of thousands of rural families.

Before the intervention, peasant families in this region faced numerous challenges. Its agricultural techniques were not very productive, its income was minimal and it had a low market share. It is estimated that the average annual family income was 15,000 meticais (approximately 215 euros).

The project is based on a participatory methodology, involving the communities themselves in the improvement process. Through training in new agricultural techniques and the promotion of more profitable crops, we sought to boost productivity and income for rural families.

The campaign numbers corresponding to the year 2023 speak for themselves. More than 14,500 people (11,390 men and 3,110 women) benefited from the project, approximately 4,700 hectares were cultivated with the promoted crops, and the commercialization of 2,500 tons of agricultural products was achieved. This resulted in a total income of approximately 148,700,000 meticais (around 2,155,000 euros) for participating families. Furthermore, it is estimated that this income is equivalent to 2,310 jobs equivalent to the minimum wage.

The agricultural project in Niassa and Cabo Delgado is a testament to the power of community development and international collaboration. As these communities continue to harvest the fruits of their work, it becomes clear that the path has a prosperous future starting with the ground beneath our feet.

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