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8.Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to the environment is a cross-cutting theme in all areas of our work.

At the core of our operations is environmental sustainability, promoting sustainable ecosystem management to reduce poverty and inequality in the countries of the global South. To tackle this challenge, a network has been created on environmental sustainability and poverty, Red por la Sostenibilidad Ambiental en la Lucha Contra la Pobreza, currently made up of 8 NGDOs, including Zabalketa, Ingeniería para la Cooperación ICLI, Tau Fundazioa, UNESCO Etxea, Etiopía Utopía, Egoaizia, Behar Bidasoa and Mundukide.

Offsetting the carbon footprint of Mundukide’s activities around the world is also key to our environmental efforts. To offset our carbon emissions, we are supporting a project in Brazil to prevent the deforestation of the Amazon.

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