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Marga Pinillos: “We are cooperating for the opening of 5 cooperative agroindustries”

31 May 2021

“I have been in Brazil since the end of February, with great enthusiasm and respect I become part of a team that has been working for a few years in the Northeast of Brazil, in the State of Ceará, accompanying the MST in the start-up of 5 cooperatives agroindustrial (honey, milk and derivatives, goats, cassava and cashew nuts).

At this time, thanks to the achievement of 2 financing projects obtained in the Basque Country (1 with DFB and another with the Basque Government), we will be able to monitor the start of the productive activities of these cooperatives; Among other things, it will allow us to conduct a large number of training activities, provide technical assistance and advice, hold meetings and exchange experiences, carry out diagnoses and equality plans, etc. A great challenge in which we will have to continue finding a way to overcome the difficulties that Covid-19 puts us in the way … ”

This is how Marga told us about her incorporation into the Brazil program, but what was not expected was that until the end of June she would have to carry out her work telematically from her home in Fortaleza, as a result of the serious situation that Brazil was experiencing due to the pandemic. At the moment it seems that the situation has given them a little respite and he writes to us telling us that he has been able to participate in the first training in a face-to-face way and that he is already touching ground after more than 3 months that he arrived in the state of Ceará and specifically in the city ​​of Fortaleza.

“Finally, after several months of interrupted face-to-face activities, little by little due to a certain improvement in the contagion data, there is a window of possibility to resume some face-to-face activities.
Specifically, the cooperative of cashew and pulp of Frutas -Copalc, which is scheduling its start of activity for June, in part pressured by the commitments to deliver the pulp to the municipalities in which it has been submitted to the tender and has won the same. , has scheduled the start of operational training courses in May; the first, dedicated to “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP), took place between May 18 and 20, in the Zé Lourenço settlement, in the municipality of Chorozinho.
The 3 days were spent in a pleasant environment, where despite the conditioning of the COVID measures (mask, use of gel, and distancing), and the necessary concentration and attention to the content of the course, there was no lack of moments for singing and mystical, so typical of the MST. “

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