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2018-2021 Strategic planning

9 May 2018

Throughout the last quarter of 2017 Mundukide has worked on the strategic direction for the 2018-2021 period. Within a highly participatory process and involving the Mundukide team, representatives of Cooperatives, volunteers and various agents.

The result of the process is summarized in the Vision to 2021:
Excited people multiplying collaboration to transform society.

People who, as Arizmendiarrieta said, have an objective not to contemplate but to change. Change themselves and change everything around them. People who are willing to go to distant countries to share their experience and learn from other people. And also volunteers who accompany us from headquarters in the management of our organization.
In short, people who are excited to share their work and offer opportunities to other people much more in need.

Check here the see the 2018-2021 strategic plan (in spanish).

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