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Mundukide faces important challenges for the next 4 years in Brazil

9 May 2022

Mundukide’s Brazil Program working group has just held its annual meeting in the city of Fortaleza, in the State of Ceará. The team has been made up of 5 cooperators residing in Brazil, the program manager and the director of Mundukide. Currently, Mundukide works in 5 Brazilian states, advising cooperatives for solidarity economy purposes through their cooperators.

The Ceará and Mundukide cooperative extend their collaboration commitment until 2025

The trip has also been used to agree on the strategy for the coming years with the Ceará cooperative group and thus prolong the collaboration commitment. The Ceará group has highly valued the collaboration of Mundukide in the creation of 5 agricultural production cooperatives in a period of 5 years, of which 3 are already producing and marketing, so the short-term challenge is to see the 5.

The collaboration between Eroski and Mundukide drives the opening of 1,000 Armazems do Campo

The Bolsonaro government has turned Brazil into a paradise for pesticides. With 290 agrochemicals newly approved to enter the Brazilian market, authorities are evaluating another 530 products, making the country an oasis for the industry, although many products are banned in Europe and the United States.
MST, for its part, is a firm defender of agroecology and works so that the agricultural products it produces are completely healthy. Agroecology is an icon of the Armazem do Campo supermarkets and in the next 15 years they are working to open 1,000 new markets in the 24 Brazilian states.
For AdCampo, the pandemic period has served to better publicize the product and the philosophy that characterizes them. In this period, virtual stores have gained strength and the distribution of “solidarity baskets” in city supermarkets has become very popular. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the MST has distributed 6,000 tons of food and 1,150,000 meals for people and families living in situations of hunger and insecurity in the main regions of Brazil.

An important factor in the success of AdCampo supermarkets is the Cooperative Volunteer Program promoted by Eroski and Mundukide 12 years ago. The AdCampo team is carrying out, under the advice of professionals from Eroski, a parallel network of production, marketing, logistics, training, financing and communication. The MST considers the MST-Mundukide tandem a priority, which is also a priority for Mundukide, since the initiative contributes to sustainable development, health, elimination of poverty and the solidarity economy in general, among others.








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