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Change of offic and new website

17 February 2021

We have changed the headquarters to Calle Iturriotz 27 in Arrasate and we launched the new website. In addition, we will have a solid working group and different grants for the management of the projects.

The year 2021 will not be easy for anyone, but Mundukide feels a special responsibility towards the groups that live in vulnerable situations in Africa and South America, in addition to their day-to-day difficulties, it is evident that they are severely suffering the impact of the pandemic

In the coming years we see the need to expand solidarity to more people and for this, in addition to a professional team of 19 people, we complement ourselves with a group of 30 volunteers. In the economic sphere, we will have the collaboration of the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation, the Spanish AECID, the Provincial Councils of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, the Government of Navarra, the City Councils of Arrasate, Aretxabaleta, Eskoriatza and Aramaio, the Cooperative Entities of Harreman, Hiruatx, Anelkar, Munduzabal and Gernikatik Munundura reality to be able to carry out our work.

In terms of location, we will work in Mozambique and Ethiopia, whose majority economy is based on agriculture. In countries like Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador the objective is to improve the processes and results of agricultural production cooperatives. Although some programs have a long history, the objective continues to be to expand the programs and gradually increase the number of beneficiaries. In other programs, being relatively new, we are working to consolidate the project and see the results.

At home, although the headquarters are still in Arrasate, since the beginning of the year Mundukide’s office has been located at Iturriotz 27, near the town hall square. On the other hand, to publicize the initiative of the foundation, you can visit the new website, which offers extensive information on the projects, an English version and new donation channels such as Bizum.


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