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Ekuador 2023, esperientzia paregabea!

11 May 2023

If you were born between 1993 and 2000, you have the opportunity to get to know Ecuador together with LABORAL Kutxa and Mundukide. The trip will take place over 3 weeks in September and you will share it with 9 young people like you and other Ecuadorian people.


Selection process

Among the people registered, 200 candidacies will be raffled. Among them, 30 candidates will be selected and 10 young people who will travel to Ecuador will be selected through interviews. The selected people will be notified of the decision before July 24 and the winners must accept the participation within 48 hours of receiving the notification.

Object of the trip

It is about knowing two different realities of Ecuador, the Andean and the Amazonian, from the perspective of a population that seeks alternatives to defend its territory and its way of life against the threats of activity activities.

The stay has been organized in collaboration with two Ecuadorian associations: one in the Amazon, with the Alejando Labaka Foundation in the province of Orellana, and another with the Toisán Corporation, in the Intag valley, in the province of Imbabura.

Mundukide Cooperation in Ecuador

Mundukide has almost 24 years of experience in cooperative cooperation and strengthening people’s capacities and improving their socioeconomic development in southern countries. It also aims to reinforce the business, organizational and cooperative work of counterparts with local leadership and a vocation for social transformation. Through the accumulated experience in Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Colombia and other countries, Mundukide knows well the local organizations that promote development models that favor sustainable growth. Mundukide has been working in Ecuador since 2018, although in the early days of the foundation it has had 5 years of experience with various local associations. Mundukide currently has a Basque cooperator in Ecuador, with 20 years of experience in the country and thanks to this the quality of this experience is guaranteed.

Another way of looking at the world

Although the initiative belongs to LABORAL Kutxa, to carry out the Experience an inter-cooperation system has been activated between two entities with a cooperative structure. Thus, LABORAL Kutxa will have the collaboration of Mundukide in the organization, coordination and accompaniment of the trip.

Good luck!

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