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Microcredits for women displaced by war

12 March 2024

War is another scenario in which the role of women is made invisible, despite being as protagonists as men and suffering the consequences.

The armed conflict experienced by the inhabitants of the province of Cabo Delgado in the north since 2017 has forced 1/3 of the population to leave their home to escape with their family to a safer place.

Armed groups destroy houses, torture, rape and murder men in front of their families, recruiting minors. Three quarters of the displaced people are women and children and 90%, after traveling more than 400 km, are trying to rebuild their lives from scratch.

Mundukide has a history of 22 years working with the farmers of Cabo Delgado, but in recent years he has also been working with the displaced people who come, adding to the demand for help from the local government. For the displaced people who come from the war, in addition to offering them the possibility of cultivating the land, Mundukide has provided them with training and resources to acquire material to build their houses. Many women arrive with small children in search of a job opportunity to support their family. Many of them advance with the Microcredits program directed by the Comboni Sisters of Balama and the collaboration of Mundukide.

According to the latest data from UNHCR, at the end of 2021, there were about 30 million displaced women and girls in the world, many of them due to armed violence, a number that is increasing and requires extreme precautions to avoid the impacts that wars especially have on them because of their gender.

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