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MST and Gehikoop 15,000 km away but together for social transformation

7 February 2022

Despite living 15,000 km away, MST and Gehikoop have insisted that they will continue working to improve people’s living conditions and build a fairer world.

After meeting virtually in the last 2 years, they have reflected on countless topics. Lastly, in November, within the framework of the Gehikoop program for Education for Social Transformation, 8 Brazilians from the MST social movement came to Euskal Herria to meet with the Gehikoop group. With this video we want to show you the philosophy of the Gehikoop Social Transformation program and the different passages of the visit. Despite the tight schedule, they have been able to share the experience with Mundukide and members of the cooperatives behind Gehikoop such as Arizmendi Ikastola, Ederlan, Copreci and Maier. If you want to participate in this initiative, contact Mundukide or financially support the initiative you can do so through the following link: I want to support the initiative.

30 minute original video

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